The area A is the area called “Pass’erelle”.
There are several areas :

01. The Pass’âge of discoverers (3-7 years)

02. The Pass’âge of adventurous (6-12 years) + Acro’bât

03. The exhibition “Mister Machine”

Services :

  • Sales desk
  • Shop
  • Info point (during school holidays)
  • Cloakroom

The area B is the area called “Belvédère”.
There are several exhibitions :

04. The exhibition “Ingeniocity” 

05. The exhibition “The story loft” 

05. The Pit-head frame (inaccessible at the moment)

06. The exhibition “Metamorphoses”


The area C is the area called “Machine room”.
There are several exhibitions :

07. The exhibition “The chemistry  and life sciences lab’expo”

08. The exhibition “Nature 2.0

09. The exhibition “Wow zone” and the “Pixel factory”

The D area is the area called “Exhibitions hangar”.
There are several areas :

10. The exhibition “Genetics, life decoded ?”

11. The exhibition “My body, my health”

12. The exhibition “Energy, new dreams”

Services :

  • Cafeteria
  • The Palace of images and its movies
  • Garden

The garden of adventures is an outdoor space with several spaces :

  • The terrace of Café 21
  • The Playground
  • The terril (free access)