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Before us, the Earth :

What if we told the history of the Earth on a one-year timeline?
After the Earth was formed on 1 January, the dinosaurs appeared on 12 December and mammals on 13 December… when did humans come along?
Marvel at the falling snow, be swept away by the wind or surprised by the storm… in the Geo’Dynamic exhibition dedicated to natural, climatic and geophysical phenomena, visitors will be overcome with amazement, surprise and curiosity when they find out that our Earth is a dynamic, living and moving system.

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Earth observation station : man in contact with natural phenomena

Explore the 5 themed areas.
Each area will immerse you in its monumental, poetic installation:

Exploring meteorological phenomena:

  • The Pluviorama: How do you predict hail or rain so you can take shelter? Why does it snow? Does it rain more in Belgium than other parts of the world? All precipitation plays a crucial role in the thermoregulation of the Earth and the development of life. Experience by doing! Discover the amazing journey of water across the Earth: its cycle, how it changes state and its close relationship with the climate, and take the time to dream in front of the snowstorm simulator.
  • The Windosphere: Brrrr! sometimes you have to hold on tight to avoid being blown away by a gust of wind! Put your resistance to the test in the wind simulator or create mini tornadoes! Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon: what’s the difference? Come and find out!
  • The Nebuloscope: Look up to the sky. What do you see? A cat? A tree? A face? What shapes do your clouds have? With your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds, find out all there is to know about thunderstorms, make your own clouds or collect them all in an interactive game.
    Psst! The thunder is rumbling! Can you see the lightning? Here you are in the storm simulator.

©Picture 1-2 : USGS sur Unsplash / Picture 3 : Breno Machado sur Unsplash / Picture 4 : NASA

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Exploring internal geophysics:

  • The Ondulogen: The Earth quakes and waves roll at a tremendous speed… In this area, a wave generator, a storm surge generator or an earthquake generator… find out how earthquakes and tsunamis occur, how to anticipate them and how to protect yourself from them.
  • The Eruptiome: Vesuvius, Eyjaföll, Mount Fuji… volcanoes are incredibly exciting! Some have been dormant for years, while others wake up and spew out lava and smoke. Why? How? Create a volcanic eruption on a model using videomapping, generate a geyser and explore the different layers of the Earth.

©Picture 1 : James_Eades sur Unsplash / Picture 2 – 3 : NASA

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The impact of human activity on the climate

And where do human beings come in to all of this? What impact does human activity have on natural, climatic and geophysical phenomena? Are humans disrupting the Earth’s natural balance?

  • The Climadome: at the heart of this totally immersive and interactive virtual climate, which reacts to your movements and actions, every step you take counts. What impact will your presence have on the climate? A thought-provoking, multi-sensory experience.