Legal information

Rue de Mons 3
7080 Frameries  (Belgique)
hereinafter referred to as “SPARKOH!

Tél. + 32 (0)65 61 21 60
Fax +32 (0) 65 61 21 99
E-mail :

SPARKOH! is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) under corporate registration number: 0462 311 896 – TVA: BE (0)462 311 896
SPARKOH! is a limited liability company under Belgian law.

Terms and conditions

Application of the general terms and conditions

Agreements between parties are entirely and exclusively governed by these general terms and conditions and by any specific conditions agreed with the customer, notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary in any documents issued by the customer.


1. Individual prices

  • Children 3 and under: free
  • Ages 4 to 18: 15 euros
  • Adults aged more than 18 : 25 euros
  • Senior : 17 euros
  • Disabled adults: 14 euros
  • Disabled children (ages 4 to 18): 9 euros
  • Teacher : 10€

Prices include all taxes.

1.1. Buying tickets

Tickets can be purchased from the site office or online on the SPARKOH! website.

Access to the site by purchasing a ticket from the office may be denied if the daily visitor limit specified by SPARKOH! has been reached.

1.2. Online sales

The purchaser is responsible for providing the correct personal details for everyone visiting. SPARKOH! does not accept any responsibility for any problems connected to the sale of tickets if the purchaser has not provided the correct details.

The tickets must be printed in such a way that they are legible. SPARKOH! reserves the right to refuse access if the print is of poor quality. You can also have your ticket scanned with a smartphone.

Tickets purchased have an expiry date which is set by the purchaser when buying online. These tickets are not valid for visits on dates other than those listed.

Tickets purchased online may not be resold or transferred to third parties. They cannot be used for promotions or competitions without prior consent from SPARKOH!

1.3. Right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal by virtue of article VI.47 of the Belgian Code of Economic Law on market practices and consumer protection when it comes to distance selling does not apply. SPARKOH! refers to art. VI.53, 12° of the Belgian Code of Economic Law (“The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in article VI. 47 for (…) the provision of non-residential accommodation, transport, car rental, catering or services related to leisure activities if the contract stipulates a specific date or period of performance”). Online Tickets fall into the category of leisure activities according to the meaning of art. VI.53, 12° of the Belgian Code of Economic Law.

1.4. Content of the purchase

The ticket sold to the purchaser gives the latter access to the basic service offered:

  • Exhibitions
  • Movies
  • Outdoors
  • Play areas

Free supervised activities are also available during holidays in the “Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” (autumn, winter, “congé de détente”, spring and summer holidays). Access to these activities is limited and cannot be guaranteed to every visitor.

1.5. Season tickets

Season tickets can only be used for individual visits.

  • Price for a child season ticket (age 4 to 18): 37.5€
  • Price for an adult (age over 18) season ticket: 62.50€

Season tickets cannot be used when ticket holders are part of a group.

Membership season tickets can be purchased at reception or online. When purchasing a season ticket at the end of a visit, the total cost of that day’s ticket is deducted from the cost of the season ticket.

Terms of use e-ticket

E-tickets are governed by the terms and conditions of sale of SPARKOH! a limited liability cooperative company (SCRL), located at 3 Rue de Mons, 7080, Frameries (company number 0462 311 896, VAT BE 462 311 896), e-mail:, and by the following special terms and conditions, to which you agreed prior to purchase of the e-ticket:

1. Printing and using your e-ticket

SPARKOH! entrance tickets are only valid if they are printed or show in a digital version. Entrance to SPARKOH! is subject to the validity of your ticket being checked. Make sure that the information written on the ticket, as well as the bar code, are clearly legible. SPARKOH!accepts no liability for any problems that may occur at the time the order is placed, during processing or printing of your SPARKOH! ticket, or as a result of negligence in the event of loss, theft or unauthorised use of the ticket. In the event of non-compliance with all the rules specified above, this ticket will be considered to be invalid.

2. Delivery of your e-ticket

Your e-ticket will be sent to you by e-mail only, free of charge. E-tickets cannot be posted. It is therefore essential that you have access to a working printer before making your purchase. Your e-ticket will be issued once payment has been made. If you have not received your e-ticket by e-mail within 24 hours of purchase, please check your spam folder and ensure that your inbox is not full.Your e-ticket is also available in your space “personal account” on the website If the problem persists, please call us on + 32 (0)65 61 21 60. We will endeavour to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

3. Prices

E-tickets are available for adults (more than 18 years), and children (aged 4 to 18). E-tickets are charged at the prices indicated on the website. SPARKOH! reserves the right to apply promotional rates to e-ticket purchases at any time during the year and for a duration of its choosing. The promotional rate will be clearly indicated in the “online tickets” section of the website.

E-tickets cannot be purchased for group visits (which are subject to special reservation and supervision arrangements).

4. Invoice

If you would like to receive an invoice, send an e-mail to Our accounts department will send you an invoice, by post or e-mail, as soon as possible.


2. School prices

By “school group”, SPARKOH! means a group consisting of pupils supervised by teachers visiting SPARKOH! on a weekday during Belgian school terms. Outside Belgian school terms, SPARKOH! will supervise school parties subject to staff availability. If the school option cannot be offered, it will be replaced by the “youth group” option.

2.1. Day at SPARKOH! 
  • Price: 8 euros per pupil.
  • Tickets for teachers and supervisors are free of charge for one teacher per 8 students, and there must be at least one supervisor for each activity subgroup.

The teacher is responsible for supervising their group throughout the entire visit; in the spaces and during the activities. In the event of non-compliance with other visitors present on site and the infrastructure, the management reserves the right to refuse the establishment for future bookings.

2.2. One-day projects

“TelePass” for S1>S6: 25 euros per pupil (min. 12 pupils, max. 20 pupils). Accompanying adults free of charge (max. 2 per group).


3.1. Youth prices

By “youth group”, SPARKOH! means a group consisting of young people under 19 years of age who belong to a structured organisation (e.g. play centres, youth centres, scout groups, etc.). On request.

  • Young : 8 euros per child
  • Entry free of charge for one accompanying adult per 8 children

The supervisor is responsible for supervising their group throughout the entire visit; in the spaces and during the activities. In the event of non-compliance with other visitors present on site and the infrastructure, the management reserves the right to refuse the establishment for future bookings.

3.2. Group prices (adults, senior or mixed)

By “group”, SPARKOH! means a group consisting of seniors, adults or a mixture (seniors, adults, children) who belong to a structured organisation, including at least 20 people. On request.

  • Adult + 18 years : 17 euros
  • Child from 4 to 18 years : 12 euros
  • Under 4 : free
  • one supervisor free of charge per group of 20 paying visitors

3.3 Special rates

SPARKOH! offers special conditions for certain categories of visitor. Details are available at the website.

Booking for school groups, youth groups and seniors/mixed groups

1. How and when must bookings be made?

Prior booking is required for special services in addition to entry to the park, such as meals or supervision (activities, guided visits, etc.).

Bookings can be made by telephone (+ 32 (0)65 61 21 60), fax (065/61 21 99), email ( or post (rue de Mons, 3, 7080 Frameries)

As soon as a booking is received, SPARKOH! will create a visit option. A confirmation form is sent to the customer.

After receipt of this form, you have 14 calendar days to either confirm the option or cancel your booking request.

This document must be completed, signed and returned to SPARKOH!by fax or post to confirm the option. If no confirmation is received within 14 days of the booking, SPARKOH!reserves the right to cancel the option.
Bookings can be made less than 15 days before the visit but are subject to availability at SPARKOH!
Requests for these extra services are accepted subject to capacity at SPARKOH!

2. Booking an activity

Activity times are confirmed on the group’s arrival on the day of the visit. If the group arrives late at the meeting point, SPARKOH! is under no obligation to reschedule the activity.
If the number of participants is lower than the number confirmed, SPARKOH! reserves the right to adapt the activity programme that was booked.
If the number of participants is higher than the number confirmed, SPARKOH! cannot guarantee supervision of the extra participants.

A maximum of two adults will be accepted for following each groups in their activities.

3. Meal

There is a cafeteria open to customers, and meals are paid for on site.
The number of meals booked must be provided in writing at least seven working days before the date of the visit.


Requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing (letter, fax, email), where the relevant date is that of the post mark, fax or email.

After receipt of this form, you have 14 calendar days to either confirm the option or cancel your booking request.

SPARKOH! must be informed of cancellations at least 15 days before the date of the visit. Cancellations must be made in writing (letter, fax, email), and the date of postage or of the fax or email will be taken as the notification date.

After receipt of the signed and approved booking form 15 calendar days after the option date, SPARKOH! will issue an invoice for €20 to cover administrative costs if you cancel your visit.

After receipt of the signed and approved booking form 14 calendar days after the option date, SPARKOH! will issue an invoice for 30% of the value of the visit, plus €20 to cover administrative costs if you cancel in the 15 days prior to your visit.

If people with bookings do not turn up on the date of the visit, SPARKOH! will be entitled to invoice 70% of the cost of the visit plus 20 euros in administrative costs.

SPARKOH! reserves the right to decide whether exceptional circumstances justify waiving these cancellation costs.

For bookings that include catering services, all meals ordered and cancelled less than seven days before the date of the visit will be invoiced to the customer.

Payment terms

1. Invoice payments

Our invoices are payable in cash at our registered office. Without prejudice to any other damages and interest, any sum unpaid on its due date will result in the sending of a reminder by operation of law and free of charge allowing the payment to be regularised within a period of 14 days. The first reminder shall contain: 1) the amount outstanding and the amount of compensation that will be claimed in the event of non-payment within 14 days; 2) the name, designation and company number of the creditor company; 3) the description of the product that gave rise to the debt and the due date of the debt; 4) the period within which the debt must be paid before any compensation is claimed (14 days). If no payment is made within 14 days of the aforementioned reminder, late payment interest at the legal rate will be charged from the day after the first aforementioned reminder is sent.

This interest is calculated on the outstanding amount, and/or; 2° a flat-rate compensation of 15% by way of damages, the amount of which may not exceed: a) 20 euros if the outstanding amount is less than or equal to 150 euros; b) 30 euros plus 10% of the amount owed on the portion between 150.01 and 500 euros if the outstanding amount is between 150.01 and 500 euros; c) 65 euros plus 5% of the amount owed on the portion greater than 500 euros with a maximum of 2,000 euros if the outstanding amount is greater than 500 euros. Amounts paid late will be deducted first from the costs and interest and then from the principal amount.
If SPARKOH! fails to take action, it may request the intervention of an approved debt recovery agency.

Payments can be made to the ING bank account number IBAN : BELFIUS N° BE44 0682 2094 8445 – BIC/SWIFT : GKCCBEBB  (use the transfer form attached to the invoice).

2. Paying at the ticket desk

The group leader will pay at the ticket desk for the entry tickets and activities that have been booked. Payment methods accepted: cash, debit cards (Bancontact, Proton, Maestro) and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). Only one payment can be accepted for each group. Schools are invited to collect the money from each class before arriving at the ticket desk. In case of payment by check, bank charges are borne by the customer.

The number of students/young people/participants validated at the till by the supervisor on the day of the visit cannot be changed after the file has been closed.

3. Liability

SPARKOH! closes its doors at 4:00PM during school term and 6:00PM at weekends and during school holidays. All visitors must leave the premises at closing time at the very latest. If certain visitors, contrary to their obligation, remain on the premises without express, written authorisation from SPARKOH!, SPARKOH! cannot be held liable for anything whatsoever in the case of damages caused after closing time, including in the event of malfunctioning equipment located on the site. Any persons remaining on site after closing time and who are in violation of their obligation to leave the site accept full responsibility and shall not hold the PASS liable for any consequences connected to the closing of the site and the absence of any supervision.

Confidentiality and the protection of personal data

Within the context of the missions that have been defined for it, SPARKOH!  is committed to respecting professional secrecy and demonstrating dignity, integrity and sensitivity.

All of the personal data collected within the context of the provision of services covered by these general terms and conditions is processed in accordance with the law of 30 july 2018 on privacy and personal data, European legislation, and in particular, the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679, the “GDPR”).

This data is stored exclusively for specific actions connected to the missions entrusted to SPARKOH! and is under no circumstances passed on to third parties for marketing purposes.

The Client has the ability :

  •  to object to the processing of their personal data for the purposes of direct marketing, merely by submitting a request and at no charge;
  •  to access data about them stored by the supplier and to have incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant data about them corrected, at no charge.
  •  to object to the data that is the subject of processing being kept, for serious, legitimate reasons.
  •  to demand that personal data provided is deleted.

For more information on how SPARKOH! manages personal data, the customer can consult the privacy policy on our website:

Any request regarding the above must be sent in writing to the registered office of SPARKOH! (Rue de Mons, 3, 7080 Frameries)  or by email to the following email address:

SPARKOH! may disclose personal data to third parties at the request of any authority legally authorised to make such a request. SPARKOH! may also disclose it if this disclosure is required, in good faith, to comply with the law and regulations, to protect or defend its rights or assets.

1. How we use your personal data

We comply fully with all relevant personal data protection laws: Personal data protection information

Payments are processed by Ingenico, a company that offers online payment processing solutions to the e-commerce and mail and telephone order sectors. Ingenico acts as the intermediary between purchasers, banks, merchants and consumers and processes their online payments. Ogone undertakes all reasonable steps to protect any personal data and to prevent the misuse of such data:

Any disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of the judicial district of Mons.

2. Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras have been installed around the site. This includes the parking lot and buildings made accessible to the public. There is a total of 64 fixed interior and exterior cameras.

The data are recorded on a secure server and kept for a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 30 days (depending on the camera).

If you have any technical questions you can contact Boris Vandystadt,

If you wish to have data deleted you can contact the data processing officer of SPARKOH! by e-mail (address: or at the following address: SPARKOH! scrl, rue de Mons 3 at 7080 FRAMERIES.

Terms and conditions for the website use

1. Disclaimer

SPARKOH! can under no circumstances be held liable for any damage of any kind resulting from inability to use or access the information held on the server or for any loss due to this information, whatever the cause of the damage or loss. SPARKOH! shall under no circumstances be held liable for any damage of any kind resulting from the interpretation and/or use of the information held on the server.

2. Copyright

The text and graphics, their presentation and their arrangement on the site, video and sound files and in general all documents contained on the site are the exclusive property of SPARKOH!. They are intellectual works and are protected as such by the laws of all the countries of the world and by international treaties. The name SPARKOH! and its logo are protected trademarks.

3. Licence for use

When you access this site or any of its parts, you are accepting a licence granted by SPARKOH! the conditions of which are defined below.

Article 1

This licence exclusively grants the following rights:
– a private, individual, personal and non-transmissible right of use covering the content of the site or any part thereof.
– a right of reproduction for storage, for the purpose of display on a single workstation, and of reproduction for a single back-up copy or printout.

Article 2

Any representation and/or reproduction, even partial, of the contents of the site and/or any parts thereof is strictly forbidden, and in particular:
– any use for commercial purposes,
– any use of any element of the site in a networked computing environment,
– copying the keywords used in the site’s pages to reference another site, thus entering into competition with SPARKOH!
– linking from an illicit site (racist, pornographic etc.) to SPARKOH! site,
– using links to present a page from this site in a frame that does not belong to SPARKOH! or to insert an image belonging to SPARKOH! in a page that does not belong to SPARKOH!
– repeated, systematic extraction of elements (even unprotected elements) from the site, causing prejudice to SPARKOH!
SPARKOH! reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.
SPARKOH! reserves the right to modify or to correct the content of this site at any time and without prior warning.
All rights that are not expressly granted by these terms and conditions are reserved by SPARKOH!

Last modification of  Terms and conditions : 02 february 2024