Robot mytini panda pour apprendre à programmer


There’s an emergency! The earth has moved, we need to help the victims. From your checkpoint, you can create and launch programs with your “robot-rescuer” Will it get there in time to limit the damage? You’ll soon learn how to communicate with it to make sure it obeys your commands effectively.

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Atelier été - hôtel à insectes

Insect hotels

In the Pixel Factory, choose an insect that you would like to welcome into your garden, design a customised shelter for it on a computer, and fire up the laser cutter. Once you have assembled the different parts, your hotel is ready to welcome your new neighbours! For all

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Workshops > Family

During school holidays only, the activities team offers you the opportunity to experience science and technology in the workshops.
Head to the information point to find out how to join in the activities. Free of charge, subject to availability. 1 activity lasting 45 mins. per family – booking essential, on the day of your visit.

Workshops below are organized on 25 – 26 and 27/9.

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Are you looking for a day-trip destination combining culture and entertainment ?
The Pass is the perfect destination for groups of children and young people but also for groups of adults ! Enjoy an entertaining day that’s packed with adventures. For children aged 4 and above. Contact us for more information.

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The Pass offers educational programs for all ages designed to convey the pleasure of understanding science. An innovative resource to support teachers and their students. Contact us for more information.