Objectif lune - photo de l'animation du SPARKOH! avec des enfants

Objective: Moon

Humans have walked on the Moon and will be returning soon! Come discover how they traveled there and train like an astronaut to earn your certificate! An amazing cosmic adventure without leaving the Earth! A psychomotor and sensory course.

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During school holidays in “the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles” only, the activities team offers you the opportunity to experience science and technology in the workshops.

Head to the information point to find out how to join in the activities. Free of charge, subject to availability. 1 activity lasting 45 mins. per family – booking essential, on the day of your visit.

The following workshops are listed for information only. They changes according to the holidays’program.

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SPARKOH! offers educational programs for all ages designed to convey the pleasure of understanding science. An innovative resource to support teachers and their students. Contact us for more information.