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Light investigation

All the treats are gone, but who took them?! Find out with an investigation where the clues are revealed when the right viewing device is used! Blacklight, optical illusions, a magnifying glass – decode the messages and find the guilty culprit!

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Famille qui joue à un jeu de société d'équilibre

Riton, Bubulle, Anatole, José… cleverer than you might have imagined

Riton finds his way, Bubule has an incredible memory and Anatole and José master the art of communication! In this workshop, come and meet the heroes of the film “Not So Dumb Animals” and try to solve some tricky little games as well as they do to find out more about our own abilities and those of animals.

From 16/07 to 31/07
From 16/08 to 28/08

Discover Riton, Bubulle, Anatole, José… cleverer than you might have imagined
tableau floral

Garden Explorer

In the Biodiversity Garden, complete the tasks with your family to feel and observe life around you. Make a beast of clay, a nature table or learn to recognise bird songs thanks to AI.

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Entrée SPARKOH! point info accueil des publics

The discovery game

The discovery game will take you to every nook and cranny of the exhibitions so you can find out about the science behind the exhibits thanks to lots of fun challenges! Want to give it a go? Find out more at the information desk!

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Workshops > Family

During school holidays only, the activities team offers you the opportunity to experience science and technology in the workshops.

The following workshops will be available from 26/12.
Head to the information point to find out how to join in the activities. Free of charge, subject to availability. 1 activity lasting 45 mins. per family – booking essential, on the day of your visit (from 01/07 to 28/08).

Workshops > School

The Pass offers educational programs for all ages designed to convey the pleasure of understanding science. An innovative resource to support teachers and their students. Contact us for more information.