Les sentiers extérieurs du Jardin de la Biodiversité

The Biodiversity Garden

Do you know what the word biodiversity means? How can it be represented? Which ancestor do all living organisms share? What position do humans have in this large ecosystem? Why is there so much talk about biodiversity these days?

On the banks of a pond, in the middle of a wild flower meadow, in the kitchen garden, up in the observatory, or barefoot on the “nature” trail... wander through the local biodiversity and explore life in the brand new Biodiversity Garden.

Plaine de jeux - constellation

The Playground

At the heart of the Garden of Adventures, children enjoy the outdoors by having fun on the playground facilities: trampoline, spider, turnstile, shovels... while parents enjoy the terrace in a green and exceptional architecture.


The Terril

A witness to the site’s mining past, the “Mont Ostène” is a “terril” (slag heap) 70m tall. Feel free to explore its ecosystem and enjoy the stunning view it boasts of the region from its summit.

Slag heaps, created by coalmining activities, have gradually been colonised by plants since the mines closed, irreversibly changing the region’s landscape.
You can also enjoy the lush green setting and exceptional architecture boasted by the site of SPARKOH!



SPARKOH! has been awarded the “Bienvenue à vélo” (Bikes welcome) label, and is intersected by line 98C of the RAVeL network, a former railway line that used to connect the region’s coalmines, from Frameries to Hornu.

Today, the RAVeL is a network of tracks and paths studded with works of art, thanks to the not-for-profit organisation “Blanc Murmure”. So hop on your bike or slip into your trainers, and finish off a ride or walk through nature at the SPARKOH!