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hereinafter referred to as SPARKOH!

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The SPARKOH! is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) under corporate registration number: 0462 311 896 – TVA: BE 462 311 896
The SPARKOH! is a civil limited liability company under Belgian law.

Processing your personal data

Respecting your privacy is a priority for SPARKOH!

We are mindful of your right to be informed about how we process personal data, such as your surname, name, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. (your Data) which you provide to SPARKOH!

The personal data you provide is only stored with your express and informed consent according to the conditions and instances described below.

This “Privacy Policy” explains how we use your data, in addition to the measures we take to maintain confidentiality and security.

We only have access to data which you provide us with when creating a customer account, contacting us, filling out a form, subscribing to our newsletters or as part of a competition entry or a survey.

Some data must be provided, whereas other data is optional.

Your data is collected and processed in accordance with current Belgian legislation, in particular the Belgian law of 30.07.2018, on privacy protection relating to the processing of personal data and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The purposes of precessing data

SPARKOH! gathers and processes your data for specific and limited use, in order to :

  • manage our relationship and communicate with you and to inform you of our offers and services. For example, we gather and use your data to inform you about our activities and events; finalising an order and/or a booking, initial contact etc.
  • carry out internal statistical surveys and market research. For example, to assess your interests and preferences and to better tailor our activities and communication strategy;
  • manage our relationship with participants of competitions organised by SPARKOH! and with those interested in our newsletters and other publications.

Data collection

1.Navigation on our website

While browsing our website, we collect your IP address for statistical purposes relating to the use of our website. No link is made between your IP address and any personal data which may identify you.

2. Data collected for e-marketing

When you buy your tickets online, you are asked to register and provide personal information such as your surname, name, e-mail address and postal address. This information is only used to complete your online purchase (to send you e-tickets, confirm your purchase, cancellation, etc.). This data is not stored for any other purpose such as direct marketing. This data is not stored on any medium for commercial purposes nor is it passed on to third parties.

Following your registration, you are invited to subscribe to our newsletter. At this stage, you have the possibility to give us information about your interest, so that we can keep you informed of anything likely to be of interest to you.

If you have agreed to receive our newsletter by checking your interest, the personal data you provided when you subscribed will be stored on our databases. You will then receive information on our activities and events by e-mail or post. Under no circumstances will your personal data be passed on to third parties.

If you would no longer like to receive our newsletter, all you need to do is ask us by email (address: or by writing to the following postal address: SPARKOH! scrl, rue de Mons 3, 7080 FRAMERIES.

3. Data collected when booking a visit to SPARKOH!

When you make a booking for SPARKOH!, by phone, e-mail, post or via the online form on our “Book a visit with a school” / “Book a visit with a group” pages, you will be asked to provide personal information such as your surname, name, e-mail address and postal address. This information is only used to complete your booking and to ensure your visit goes smoothly. This data is not stored for any other purpose such as direct marketing, unless you have given your express consent. This data is not stored on any medium for commercial purposes nor is it passed on to third parties.

4. Data collected when subscribing to our newsletter

When you subscribe to our newsletter via the website, you are asked to provide personal information such as your surname, name and e-mail address. You are also asked to provide information about your interests, so that we can keep you informed of anything likely to be of interest to you. The personal data you provided when you subscribed to the newsletter will be stored on our databases. You will then receive information on our activities and events by e-mail. Under no circumstances will your personal data be passed on to third parties.

5. Data collected when taking part in our satisfaction surveys and competitions

When you visit SPARKOH!, you will have the opportunity to take part in our satisfaction surveys and/or competitions, you can do this at the museum on paper or via an interactive terminal, or via a survey or competition sent by e-mail (if you have given your express and informed consent to provide your e-mail address for this purpose).

When you take part in a survey or competition, you are asked to provide personal information such as your civility, surname, name, e-mail address, and phone number.

Information such as your geographical location and your sex do not allow you to be personally identified and are only used for statistical purposes. Personal information is only used to contact competition winners and to respond to any comments you make as part of a satisfaction survey.

In the case of participation in a contest, your data will be destroyed at the end of the contest. If you wish to leave your opinion via our satisfaction surveys, your data will be kept solely for statistical purposes. Your data will never be (re) transmitted to third parties.

6. Time period for data storage

SPARKOH! will only store your data for the length of time necessary for the intended purposes and in accordance with legal requirements and for a maximum period of 10 years.

SPARKOH! will not store your data unless you have given your express consent.

7. Sharing your data

Your data may be shared with those acting on our behalf (and not considered to be third parties), for processing in line with the purposes for which the data was collected.

SPARKOH! makes sure that its subcontractors guarantee a high level of security and confidentiality when managing and protecting data.

8. Rights of access, rectification and objection

The GDPR sets out 6 circumstances in which the processing of personal data is permitted, namely:

  • the person whose data is to be processed gives their consent. The data subject has the right to withdraw consent at any time (article 7.3 of the GDPR). However, transactions carried out on the basis of consent validly given prior to the withdrawal remain lawful;
  • the processing of personal data is necessary:
  • for the performance of a contract;
  • to comply with a legal obligation;
  • to safeguard the vital interests of a person;
  • for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority;
  • for the purposes of a legitimate interest.
  1. Your rights

As SPARKOH! processes your personal data, you as the data subject also have rights that you can exercise with respect to your personal data (GDPR CHAPTER III – Rights of the data subject). Here you will find out what rights you have with regard to the protection of your personal data and how you can exercise these rights with SPARKOH! 

  1. a) Right of access

As a data subject, you have the right to know whether or not SPARKOH! is processing your personal data and, if so, to access this data and receive further information about:

  • the purposes of the processing;
  • the categories of personal data;
  • the recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data;
  • the period of time for which the personal data must be retained or the criteria used to determine this period;
  • the existence of the right to the erasure or rectification of the personal data and the right to restrict or object to the processing;
  • the existence of the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;
  • the source of the data (if it has been collected indirectly);
  • the existence of automated decision-making.

As a data subject, you have the right to obtain a copy of any of your personal data that SPARKOH! processes, if any, free of charge. If you request additional copies, SPARKOH! may require payment of a reasonable fee not to exceed the administrative cost of such copies.

  1. b) Right to rectification

You have the right to have your data “corrected” if it is incorrect.

  1. c) Right to erasure of data

You have the right to delete your data if the storage period has expired.

We automatically delete all data within six months after the legal storage period.

  1. d) Right to object to the processing

The legislation provides for a right to object to the processing of your data. If we process data outside the scope of our legal obligations, you may object to this.

  1. e) Right to portability

If we need to transfer the data you have provided to us to a third party, we will respect the right to portability.

You may exercise these rights at any time as follows:

  1. During reception opening hours at rue de Mons 3, 7080 Frameries.

If you come to the reception, we will consider your request once the appropriate document has been completed and follow up your request within 4 weeks.

Your request will also be forwarded to our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

  1. Electronically

Via the email address, we undertake to answer any questions you might have as quickly as possible and at the latest within four weeks. As far as access requests are concerned, we would prefer to receive them by email. However, documents can only be issued and personal data can only be rectified, limited or erased once your identity has been verified. We are working on implementing a foolproof electronic procedure.

Your request will also be forwarded to our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

  1. By post

A request can be sent by ordinary / registered post to

Rue de Mons 3
7080 Frameries

We will take your letter into account and undertake to process your request within four weeks of receipt. Your request will also be forwarded to our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

  1. By telephone/fax

No requests can be processed by telephone or fax.

  1. Our obligations
  2. a) Data controller

SPARKOH! is the data controller.
The data controller’s details are:

Rue de Mons 3
7080 Frameries

  1. b) Mitigating risks

Because SPARKOH! takes the protection of your privacy and your personal data very seriously, before processing any data, a thorough analysis has been carried out (following approved procedures) to minimise potential risks in terms of loss, theft or errors.

  1. c) Confidentiality

SPARKOH! and its employees are bound by confidentiality and without your explicit consent or a legal basis, your data will not be passed on to other organisations, family members or acquaintances who are not involved.

  1. d) Storing your data

SPARKOH! stores your data with the utmost care and complies with legal storage periods. These periods apply to all your personal data. Data that are no longer required for SPARKOH!’s other processing activitiesare also deleted.

  1. e) Data breaches

Since the GDPR came into effect on 25 May 2018, we have been required to report any data breaches. SPARKOH! takes appropriate technical and organisational measures, in line with the potential risk, to protect your personal data. We always aim to minimise this risk.

If a serious event still occurs involving your personal data (a data breach), we will notify the Belgian Data Protection Authority (APD) immediately and within 72 hours at the latest. If it turns out that a data breach may have a negative impact on your privacy, you will be informed.

9. Security and confidentiality of your data

Access to your data is limited to our employees and sub-contractors who need access to it and who observe strict confidentiality standards in the treatment of your data.

To guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data collected online, we have implemented the highest levels of security and we only work with sub-contractors with similar high standards.

Despite our efforts to create a reliable and trusted Internet site, please be aware that the Internet is not a totally secure environment.

Consequently, SPARKOH! cannot be held responsible or guarantee the security of your data during its Internet transit.

We advise parents and legal guardians to supervise their children when they use the Internet in order to prevent the risk of personal data being shared without valid consent.

10. Transmission to third parties

We never sell or rent out your data to businesses or individuals who are not part of SPARKOH! We treat your data as confidential information.

We occasionally call upon the services of external intermediaries. We may, for example, use financial intermediaries in order to facilitate your payments (when you buy tickets online for example).

In particular, this means that for certain tasks or studies, your data is temporarily passed on to third parties if we do not have the means to carry out these tasks ourselves. In this case, we systematically make sure that your data is treated as confidential and contractually secured.

11. Transfert of data abroad

SPARKOH! will never transfer your data outside the European Union to a country that does not provide an adequate level of data protection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

12. Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras have been installed around the site. This includes the parking lot and buildings made accessible to the public. There is a total of 64 fixed interior and exterior cameras.

The data are recorded on a secure server and kept for a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 30 days (depending on the camera).

If you have any technical questions you can contact Jean-François Stuer,

If you wish to have data deleted you can contact SPARKOH! by e-mail (address: or at the following address: SPARKOH! scrlf, rue de Mons 3 at 7080 FRAMERIES.

Use of cookies

SPARKOH! uses cookies. Cookies are small files issued when you visit a website and which are stored on the hard disk of your computer. In this case, cookies record your preferences and enable you to speed up subsequent access to the site and to facilitate your visits.

The period of storage of this data on your computer is limited to 1 year.

When connecting to a website, certain data is automatically sent to the site by the user’s browsing software. This data contains the IP address (a number which identifies a computer on the network), the brand and version of the browser as well as the operating system and the last web page visited. The aim is to improve the quality of our sites and the services offered on these sites. Information collected is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you.

When you visit our website, you will be shown a message about cookies. Continuing implies that you give your consent for cookies to be stored on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc). If you do not want a website to install cookies on your computer, you can configure your browser to this effect.

We do not use cookies to collect personal data that might be able to identify you (except for your online purchases).

We never save passwords or information about your bank details.

See below a list of cookies we use and their purposes:

  • sCookieSecurity – Purpose: Information allowing the identification of a connected user
  • PHPSESSID – Purpose: Session identifier on the server
  • bInvoice – Purpose: During the purchasing process, it stores the user’s request for an invoice
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In some cases, functional cookies are vital for browsing websites and enjoying all their functions.

Functional cookies allow you, among other things, to browse our website and benefit from all of its functions, such as images and windows.

Advertising cookies are installed by third-party companies in order to identify your areas of interest thanks to the products you look at or buy on our website and to customise the advertising that is aimed at you on the website or elsewhere.

Analytic cookies make it possible to put together statistics about our website, such as how long is spent on it and which pages are most popular, so that we can continue to improve the extent to which we meet your expectations.

SPARKOH! uses social networking applications in order to share the content on our website with social networks. Cookies may come from social networks and be stored via our website by social networks when you use buttons such as “Facebook”, “WhatsApp”, “Instagram”, “Pinterest”, “Google +”, etc.

The social network may be able to identify you thanks to the application button, if you use it, but also if you do not use it when you visit our website if your account with the social network in question is active. If you do not want this to happen, you will need to close your social network sessions before you browse our website.

We recommend carefully reading the general terms and conditions and “privacy and cookies policies” for these social networks so that you are fully aware of these cookies and can make your choices about these social networks by configuring your accounts for each one.

Under no circumstances can SPARKOH! be held responsible for the management of your personal data by these social networks via application buttons, which you have accepted by continuing to browse our website without first closing your social network sessions.

You can choose to disable cookies by changing the settings for your browser. However, by disabling these cookies, you may no longer have access to certain parts of our website.

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We reserve the right to modify or update this Cookies Policy to take account of best practice at any time. We will notify You of any changes by updating the date that appears at the top of the Cookies Policy. We encourage You to review the current policy from time to time.
If you have any questions please contact us by email :

If you would like to withdraw your consent to the use of advertising, analytic or social network cookies, please visit this website:

Hypertext links to other internet sites

Our Internet site may contain hypertext links to other Internet sites which are not operated or controlled by the SPARKOH!

Consequently, SPARKOH! cannot be held responsible for the content of such Internet sites, nor for the data protection practises of third parties which operate them and which may differ from our own.

Privacy policy amendment

We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy, for the purpose of compliance with current protective privacy legislation or to adapt it to our practices.

We would therefore ask you to check it regularly to keep up to date with any amendments. New versions will be uploaded to our website and the date in the last paragraph updated.

We will not make any amendments to reduce the level of protection of your rights, as stated in the current Privacy Policy, without your prior consent.

Contacting the SPARKOH!

For further information on this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to provide suggestions or comments on how to improve quality, please write to (e-mail address).

Last modification of the Privacy Policy: 20th May 2022