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A journey of discovery through 6 zones

• The agora: all living beings, from the tiniest bacterium to the biggest animal, share the same ancestors… do you know which one? Where are humans? In amongst the fruit trees and the wild flower meadow, find out about the tree of life, the agora’s masterpiece. Follow the branches and they will show you the answer by explaining biological classification.
• The kitchen garden: what is a seed? Are all seeds identical? How are plants classified? Around the kitchen garden, feel, touch and observe the plants! Read about their surprising reproduction journeys, their passionate battles against “pests” and marvel at what they can tell you without saying a word!
• The pond: a pond is teeming with life! One runs across the water while another does a handstand, its head on the ground and its legs in the air! Who are they? Lying on the net over the water or standing on a log in the middle of the pond, observe this fascinating aquatic ecosystem from close up.
• The wild flower meadow: like a wasteland, untamed nature, the wild flower meadow is a real oasis of biodiversity. A paradise for birds, insects and small mammals, this zone provides the perfect opportunity to analyse the synergies between species.
• The observatory: from high up in this wooden observation tower, get an overview of the beauty of the landscape: the slag heap, recognised by Natura 2000, the Pass’s historic buildings, the energy infrastructures and the RAVeL network.
• The wood: what does life look like underground? Is it as “alive” as it is on the surface? Through the clear windows, you can examine the different strata of the soil, looking for roots, mushrooms or earthworms! Not far away, take off your shoes for the barefoot trail, made up of elements from the slag heap (shale, wood chips, organic material etc.): a unique sensory experience.

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A participative project

Right in the heart of the Biodiversity Garden, humans are everywhere! Can you see those willow huts? They have been meticulously handwoven by our season ticket holders! And the insect hotels and nests hanging here and there? Our little trainees have been here, using hammers to build shelters! And the animal tracks on the ground? Filling in the barefoot trail? Planting the shrubs? The teams from the Pass and members of the public have pitched in, with the invaluable help of BLOC PAYSAGE, the Garden’s landscapers.

A participative project, shared with our visitors, thanks to a period of togetherness surrounded by nature to awaken our senses and our minds about the importance of everything that goes on behind the scenes and local biodiversity.