Une dernier OH - expérience RA panneaux interactifs

Practical details

1. Scan the QR code and download the SPARKOH! app on your smartphone;
2. Strike a pose in front of the themed backdrops inspired by our exhibitions;
3. Take an animated photo or video with augmented reality and capture the moment for a lovely souvenir.

Didn’t have time for this experience before you left or fancy reliving it at home? No problem!

Panneau explication de l'installation un dernier OH

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is when virtual images appear in the real world thanks to some clever technology, such as a smartphone or a pair of smart glasses. Images that are superimposed on to reality are added in real time! That’s why we talk about augmented reality.

Panneau explicatif, la chimie des émotions

The chemistry of emotions

Do you know what the lights at the entrance to SPARKOH! represent?
They’re molecules. Molecules of the emotions that you might feel during your time at SPARKOH!

Joy, surprise, wonder, excitement… The emotions that we feel are caused by the balance of molecules in our brain, blood and digestive system!

On the last interactive panel, augmented reality also makes emotions dance! Quick, find out which molecules are represented when you look up at the installation.


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