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"The dream of Newton"

A surprising invitation to enter “Newton’s dream”, an enormous “energy conservation machine” and a perpetually moving exhibition evoking the physical concept of energy.

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Next, immerse yourself in three sequences exploring the multi-faceted world of energy !

  • A story of forms : energy can only be seen when it transforms, but it’s all around us in numerous forms. Through different experiences, the first part of the exhibition will help you identify the six different forms of energy: mechanical, chemical, radiant, electrical, thermal and nuclear.
  • Energy, an important question for society ? energy is essential for every action and is at the heart of most human activity. The way we use it has a strong influence on living conditions and how our societies are structured. Energy and uses, energy and resources: this exhibition takes a close look at the energy challenges the world is currently facing, and scrutinizes the way in which we consume and supply our energy.
  • New dreams : faced with these vital challenges for the planet and mankind, there are people working hard to innovate, research and find new ways of consuming, experiencing and sharing energy. Some of these projects are still dreams and others already a reality.
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Let's move !

Brush off your best dance moves on the Energy Dancefloor!
On your own or in a group, fill the gauge to the rhythm of your steps!
In the bicycle-powered cinema, every pedal stroke counts!
To show the film, give it everything you’ve got and keep up the pace. Easy? Although…

Installed at SPARKOH thanks to the support of the National Lottery.