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You tomorrow: an exhibition dedicated to STE(A)M

Innovations in science, technology, engineering and mathematics are transforming the world of work. If some jobs are disappearing, others, meanwhile, are evolving, being created and developing.
Through a set of original installations arranged into 4 zones, take a first step towards discovering and experiencing these transitional and future professions, and discover what might appeal to you for an incredible future career.
Each zone presents about twenty professions, a surprising introductory display, experiential installations, video testimonials and the presentation of a symbolic object relating to one of the 4 soft skills – non-technical skills: collaborating/working together, observing, creating, testing.

• Working together
Walking on the moon, developing the World Wide Web, advancing scientific or technical research… In a team, using all your combined skills, you can achieve things that change the world! In this zone, learn to collaborate by building a 3D architectural model or by creating a code sequence.
• Observing and questioning
Being curious, exploring and questioning the world around us is the basis of all development! The windscreen wiper, penicillin, velcro, all these everyday inventions owe their creation to a keen observer! What if it was your turn to make a discovery that could change the world? Which molecule allows us to observe a kaleidoscope of coloured crystals? And through the microscope, can you make out a graft from the lavender plant?
• Creating
Before creating, you need to be able to dream and let your imagination run free to innovate! In this zone, create a personalized hologram, tame robots, code a melody and listen to your creation or learn how nanotechnologist Sarah Haigh succeeded in making toilet water drinkable…!
• Testing
Before arriving at the final result, many professionals go through trial and error! They fumble, fail, try again and sometimes excel! It’s your turn to test your skills: assemble a rocket correctly so that it takes off, or solve a statistical puzzle!

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An exhibition by and for young people !

Are you a teenager and you still don’t know what you want to do in the future? Do you have questions about different career paths, openings and opportunities?

The good news is that the exhibition “YOU TOMORROW, the jobs of the future” was co-created with young people, like you, during participative workshops, to help answer your questions.

Through different interactive and collective experiences, but also quirky interviews and profiles, you will discover a whole range of exciting jobs just waiting for you!

The “YOU TOMORROW; the jobs of the future” exhibition, dedicated to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), has been produced using equipment salvaged from the previous exhibition “METAmorphoses” and old office furniture. The furniture has been “upcycled”, reused and redesigned to fit in with the spirit of this new space!