Le pass devient SPARKOH nouveau logo

SPARK, it’s a catalyst?!
A catalyst for knowledge, for scientific discovery. It’s the spark that shines in your eyes after a whole day of unexpected discoveries and incredible immersive experiences.
SPARK is also the contraction of « Science Park » confirming our unique offer, neither an amusement park nor quite a museum, but a place of edutainment, a science center with an educational approach based on experience and play.
OH?! it’s the expression of astonishment, surprise, wonder, pleasure … a whole range of different emotions generated during your visit.

Our name is changing, not our missions: to reignite curiosity and delight in science and technology, to make them fun, exciting, accessible, to create STEM vocations, but also and above all, to provoke emotions?!

A single promise to you: «Come and experience scientifically proven emotions»

Why the name change??
MuseumPass, Pass Visit wallonia, … over time, the term “Pass” has become overused and has lost its original meaning. Misunderstanding of the concept, different meanings in other languages, bad referencing on the web… and now an even greater confusion since the health crisis, as the Pass has become synonymous with health pass. It was about time to change, right??