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How many legs does a monkey have? What about a snail? Which sea animal is bigger than a sardine? Which animals live in the jungle? How many of them are there? 5? 10? More? Why not count them?

In the depths of the ocean, in the heart of the Tundra, in the Canopy, little ones aged between 3 and 6 can explore the world of numbers, shapes and mathematics through three astonishing mini-worlds where learning is child’s play.

A poetic, entertaining introduction to maths using your body and your senses while having fun!

A multi-sensory exhibition.

Photo de l'exposition dans l'espace Toundra avec des oiseaux et un enfant

The Tundra

Explore this incredible polar biotope, where everything is soft and white, inhabited by polar bears, birds and beavers. In this space, it’s all about different shapes. Cones and pyramids for the mountains, cubes for the icebergs and a rock way up high for birdwatching.

The challenges : recreate a landscape using the different shapes. Arrange the birds’ eggs according to their position or colour, make a dam using logs, and keep it balanced to help the beavers.

Photo dans l'exposition océan avec projection

The ocean

Dive into the heart of the ocean. What can you see? All sorts of different sea creates, in all shapes, colours and sizes. Some fish are oval, others round, some have lines, others have strange patterns, some are big, others are tiny… At the bottom of the ocean, it’s all a question of geometry, shapes and sizes!

The challenges: recognise and name the geometric shapes of the fish, work out “which one is bigger or smaller than…”, and recreate the starfish with the Tangram puzzle…

Espace avec des faux arbres en bois et un enfant qui écoute une fleur

The canopy

This tropical rainforest is teeming with amazing animals! Can you count them all? Can you recognise their calls through the sound of the vines, or identify their unique features? Can you catch butterflies in your net so you can observe and count them ?

A new area for 3-6 years old

The 1,2,3 let’s go! area is a new 150m² space with more activities for little ones aged between 3 and 6.

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