ZONE 3 : Budding adventurers (6 years and over)
Energy to spare...

While the little ones are learning to control their bodies, older children get to have a go on the incredible rocket for an immediate launch or have a go at testing their balance on the supernova.

ZONE 4 : Space explorers (10 years and over)
In search of new challenges

To tackle the urban games, children will have to demonstrate some agility and be prepared to tackle all sorts of different physical challenges! Speed, strength and endurance will be seriously put to the test.

An adventure for everyone !

The new play area features 4 different areas with experiences suitable for all ages and challenges for all shapes and sizes!

ZONE 1 : Trainee discoverers (1 to 4 years old)
Awakening the senses...

Spin, climb, clamber or jump... little ones will be able to explore and test their bodies in a play area designed specifically for them.

ZONE 2 : Discoverers (2 to 6 years old)
Imagination rules...

Slides, swings, zip wire and trampolines: through a range of activities, children can meet each other and have fun. Together, they can make up and share stories.

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Fun installations

Gravity, force, balance... Science is never far away at the Pass! Thanks to lots of installations, you can try your hand at some physics in an immersive, real way !

Alongside classic activities, swings, spring riders and slides, come and explore some brand new play equipment! Fans of climbing, speed and challenges... an adrenalin buzz is guaranteed!

  • Bloqx : clamber on to an asteroid, who is ready to take up the challenge ?
  • Galaxy Emerido : right way up or upside down, every movement counts !
  • Supernova : in orbit at a variable speed, who can keep their balance ?
  • Rocket : on an expedition through space, who will reach the summit ?
  • Zip wire : with two of you on the zip wire, who will get there first ?
  • Cafet Pass Jardin

    A space to relax

    Presiding over the centre of the site, the play area is a lovely space near the Cafeteria.
    While some of you enjoy yourselves in the playgrounds, others can pull up a chair on the terrace and enjoy the greenery and exceptional architecture.