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Fantastic cross over

  • Moviola, by Marcio Ambrosio : using the helm and its handles, take control of Moviola. Travel to new horizons, between the real and virtual worlds.
  • Discursive mechanisms, by Fred Penelle and Yannick Jacquet : let this poetic machine take you on a journey as it spreads itself on the walls like an game of the goose. A surprising video-mapping device which plays with the brick niches.
  • Social Boids, by Chevalvert : the SoBos are little beings of light, they are sensitive to your presence… Move, stay still, approach the wall slowly and learn to tame them.
  • Murmur, by Chevalvert : murmur, speak, whisper in the echo room and admire your own sound waves as they move towards the walls.
  • The singing of machines, by Hovertone : make the machines sing, do not be afraid to touch and wake them up, and listen to the melodies they create…
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The Pixel factory

In the Pixel factory, take the digital technologies in your hands !
In this laboratory of the 21st century a series of 2.0 tools wait for you. The animation team has developed a program of activities, notably around the 3D printer and the laser cutter to allow you to take ownership of these technology and understand what’s behind them.

The space is accessible depending on the animation schedules available at the Info booth.