Summer is back: let’s get out and enjoy the holidays!

Head in the clouds, a breeze ruffling through your hair, your feet on the ground... in Geo’Dynamic! the new immersive area at the Pass, all your senses will be awakened! Ready to start the summer holidays ?
Bring your family, friends, children and grown-ups to spend a summer packed with different emotions!

The Pass is open from 10.00 to 18.00. Please refer to our
health measures before you come.


How is snow formed ?
What causes lightning ?
Where does the wind come from ?
Why does a volcano erupt ?

Dive into the heart of natural phenomena and let your senses and actions be immersed.

Discover the exhibition

Find out more about the natural geophysical phenomena at work on the Earth from this observation station.

Create a mini tornado, test your resistance in the wind simulator, try to keep your balance on the earthquake simulator, recreate a tsunami or a volcano eruption...

Explore, discover, play with, experience and feel: rain, storms, clouds, earthquakes and the wind.

Outdoor experiences

“Nature” experiences in the Biodiversity Garden or physical challenges in the play area... Science is outside too!

Discover the outdoors

Summer holidays in the sun?
Head to the 3,000m² play area! Zip wire, swings, climbing frames, a trampoline: you’ll need all your energy to have a go on all of these before heading to the Biodiversity Garden to find out about the local flora and fauna.

Supervised workshops

Looking for even more experiences and emotions? Every day during the summer holidays, you can take part in one of our 45-minute workshops. Become an explorer in the Biodiversity Garden, make your own clouds in the workshop, go on a “geological” mission, create your own measuring tools in the Lab’expo or programme your robots to save the people from a terrible earthquake!
Workshops subject to availability. 1 activity lasting 45 mins. per family - booking essential, on the day of your visit.

Robot mytini panda pour apprendre à programmer


There’s an emergency! The earth has moved, we need to help the victims.  From your checkpoint, you can create and launch programs with your “robot-rescuer” Will it get there in time to limit the damage? You’ll soon learn how to communicate with it to make sure it obeys your commands effectively. 

Discover Robot-rescuers
Atelier été - hôtel à insectes

Insect hotels

In the Pixel Factory, choose an insect that you would like to welcome into your garden, design a customised shelter for it on a computer, and fire up the laser cutter. Once you have assembled the different parts, your hotel is ready to welcome your new neighbours! For all

Discover Insect hotels


Set off on an expedition with extreme adventurers right in the heart of the volcanoes! From Indonesia to Pompeii, find out how volcanoes have shaped the Earth as we know it today through some spectacular images.
Only in French with Dutch subtitles.